Road concrete barrier set

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Developed from the FV1600 1 ton 4x4 Truck designed by the Humber Motor Car Company in the late 1940’s, the FV1611 was produced as a general purpose troop carrier. The requirement came about due to the high running and purchase costs of the Alvis Saracen. Over 1700 were constructed, and served in all British Army theatres of operation in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many were modified for internal security duties, and served in N.Ireland. The Mk-2 was developed …


This etched stainless steel fret contains enough Razor Wire for most applications in 1:35th scale (all the items shown above were made from just one set).As it is etched in stainless steel no painting is required, just use from the packet! But beware the stuff is sharp! Join end to end by overlapping lengths ‘back-to-back’ by approx 2-barbs and gluing or soldering.This super value set contains 4.8 Metres (5.2 Yards) total length, which equals 168 Metres (182 yards) scale length …


The HOTSPUR Armoured Land Rover was developed by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in Northern Ireland and is based on the 109” chassis, Series III Land Rover. Its development was the direct result of the increasing use of high-velocity weapons against Police in the province. Protection provided by the VPK (Vehicle Protection Kit) Land Rovers that preceded Hotspur was sufficient to defend against bomb blasts, nail bombs and reduced the energy of high-velocity munitions but could not prevent …


This 1:35th scale conversion set (For the Hobby Boss Land Rover kit) by Rob Tearle covers the early part of the TANGI service life up to approximately 1999 whereupon the fleet was upgraded further, re-liveried and fitted with the same chassis and engine as the contemporary Military 110 ‘Wolf’. (These later TANGI vehicles will be the subject of a future product) The set contains full internal and external detail, engine, rear axle and extensive etched brass mesh and …

A set of 6 1/35th scale resin cast concrete road barrier blocks. This set is suitable for use in the UK and Northern Ireland or anywhere as an improvised vehicle barriers for light non military vehicles.

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