Spineboard Spinal Injury Stretchers

Shown fitted to K178 Coyote TSV(L)

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A selection of useful Ambulance Red Cross decals for use in any scale, particularly 1/35th and 1/48th. Sizes are 2.5mm, 8mm, 11mm and 15mm square; and 5mm, 11mm and 16mm round


Samaritan, as the name implies, is an armoured ambulance! It is designed for front line operation even in an NBC environment. The hull is extended in a similar way to the Sultan ACV and can accommodate four casualties, and a crew of three. The Samaritan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation.


The FV432 APC was the most numerous British Post War AFV, designed by GKN as a ‘Battlefield taxi’ for infantry, similar to, but better protected and mobile than the American M113. The basic APC nicknamed ‘Trojan’, was produced between 1963 and 1971 and can carry a full section of infantry in addition to the two man crew.With the introduction of Warrior, the FV432 ceased to be used as an APC, but continued to serve in many units. A


This 1/35th scale resin and etched brass kit by David Jane and Rob Tearle depicts the COYOTE Tactical Support Vehicle (Light), TSV(L), designed by Supacat in the UK for the British Army.The 6x6 Coyote is based the Jackal-2 4x4 SRV introduced in 2009 and combines the stunning cross country performance, firepower, payload capacity and endurance of Jackal-2 with an enhanced payload capacity.Coyote continues to serve in a number of different configurations and with many units. Versions of the

This 1/35th scale set represents the Spineboards used by many western armies especially in theatres like Iraq and Afghanistan where the bulk of casualties are as a result of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) that often lead to spinal injury.

Initially when deployed the spineboards were bright yellow until a tactical NATO green version was procured. This set contains 4 spineboards and 3 etched brass straps per board.

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