RAF Brockhouse MK2 900gal Fuel Bowser

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A complete 1/48th scale resin model kit of the Classic British WW2 (& Post War) Bedford QL 4x4 950 Gallon Refueller (RAF) by David Jane.The model features internal cab and pump chamber detail, elevating booms, suspension, and chassis. A rubber hose line is also included. A standard RAF vehicle for both concrete and grass airfields


A complete 1/48th scale resin model kit of the Classic British WW2 (& Post War) Bedford QL 4x4 950 Gallon Petrol Tanker (RAF & ARMY) by David Jane. The model features internal cab and detailed pump chambers, suspension, and chassis. Hose lines are also included. A standard RAF and Army vehicle for airfield and general fuel transport duties.This model shown depicts a vehicle in WW2 RAF service (Extensive alternative decals are also included)

The RAF procured many towed fuel bowsers for use on smaller fighter airfields. The Brockhouse MK2 refers to the chassis used, The tank was made by Butterfields with Zwicky pump gear being powered by a single cylinder Lister engine providing a self contained unit that could be easily towed by and airfield vehicle large enough but typically the Fordson Model N or David Brown 4x2. Both of these towing vehicles can be found in this section.

The model features finely detailed chassis with CAD designed wheels, simple to construct resin tank and supplied with all necessary materials such as rubber hose, rod and detailed etched brass set. The pump and engine compartment doors can be set open to reveal the internal equipment and hoses can be deployed for a refueling diorama. Included in the set is a comprehensive decal sheet with type number, roundels, weight class, octane ratings and even operating instructions for the inside of the compartment doors.

The master model was researched and produced by David Jane and Rob Tearle.

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Goncalo Mendes says:

Hello Sirs,
You have done a great model, but I believe that you mix the caracteristics of the brockhouse trailer frame with the one made by Eagle Engineering. Among other things, like the C channel to the outside of the chassis, the frame front/rear ends were different, as also the suspension atachments. Yours looks Eagle type. The fron axle frame shoul be a little larger than the front trail frame, probablly the same as on the trailer rear. But that is nitpicking, thaks for make it available tu us!
Best cumpliments,
Goncalo Mendes

Posted On: Sunday, December 4th, 2016 @ 3:14 am

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