Land Rover RUC TANGI (early)

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Developed from the FV1600 1 ton 4x4 Truck designed by the Humber Motor Car Company in the late 1940’s, the FV1611 was produced as a general purpose troop carrier. The requirement came about due to the high running and purchase costs of the Alvis Saracen. Over 1700 were constructed, and served in all British Army theatres of operation in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many were modified for internal security duties, and served in N.Ireland. The Mk-2 was developed …


A set of four 1/35th scale crowd control barriers in resin and etched brass. These interlocking galvanised steel barriers are typical in the UK, Northern Ireland (and elsewhere) for crowd control. Each barrier panel is 2”(52mm) wide x 1.5”(30mm) tall …


A set of 1/35th scale waterslide decals with four RUC “CRIMESTOPPERS” numbers in blue and red and two smaller “CONFIDENTIAL” telephone numbers in red …


The HOTSPUR Armoured Land Rover was developed by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in Northern Ireland and is based on the 109” chassis, Series III Land Rover. Its development was the direct result of the increasing use of high-velocity weapons against Police in the province. Protection provided by the VPK (Vehicle Protection Kit) Land Rovers that preceded Hotspur was sufficient to defend against bomb blasts, nail bombs and reduced the energy of high-velocity munitions but could not prevent …

This 1:35th scale conversion set (For the Hobby Boss Land Rover kit) by Rob Tearle covers the early part of the TANGI service life up to approximately 1999 whereupon the fleet was upgraded further, re-liveried and fitted with the same chassis and engine as the contemporary Military 110 ‘Wolf’. (These later TANGI vehicles will be the subject of a future product) The set contains full internal and external detail, engine, rear axle and extensive etched brass mesh and full complement of coloured clear castings for searchlights, beacons and tinted ‘armoured glass’. RUC registrations and alternative markings and a pre-printed glazing sheet are also included.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- A Hobby Boss kit Land Rover 110 kit is required to complete this model, OR our “One Ten” Chassis replacement set (LRA007) which can be used to make up a full kit (or to replace the Hobby Boss chassis on thier One Ten Land Rovers if you have previously used them for our LRA012, LRA013 or LRA014 conversions)

By the mid 1980’s the RUC’s Hotspur fleet was reaching the end of its service life and the replacement, ‘Simba,’ was proving too time consuming to produce. As a result there was an urgent requirement for stop-gap replacement for Hotspur. The solution was a number of rolling chassis that old Hotspur armoured bodies were bolted to. These chassis were of the more modern coil sprung ‘One Ten’ type fitted with the same Rover 3.5ltr V8 petrol engine as the late model Hotspurs, and were branded TANGI.

As time passed the threats encountered steadily grew and more armour was added such as the ‘Dawson’ Roof that created a double skinned canopy. This protected the vehicle from drogue bombs and was named after the road where such a weapon was first used. Another device used against the RUC was the coffee jar bomb, essentially a glass jar filled with explosive that would detonate on impact as the glass shattered. To protect the vehicle from this, a foam panel faced with a plastic sheet and encapsulated in vinyl fabric was fitted to the rear body sides with the aim of absorbing the impact so that the jar didn’t smash. Despite being intended to be a stop-gap vehicle, the Tangi outlived the ‘Simba’ and the ‘Tenba’ that was intended to replace it and is still found in service today.

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Robert Tearle says:

This Item is now back in stock. Thank you for your patience.

Posted On: Monday, February 13th, 2017 @ 10:18 am

Alasdair Robinson says:

I just received a wonderful tango model based upon a specific vehicle I used when I was the inspector in the 'blues' from 96-99. The detail is fantastic. This vehicle has an interesting but short life as it was "rolled" and skidded down the road on its roof!! Keep up the good work!

Posted On: Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 @ 2:49 pm

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