Danish M41 DK1 Kombi-kit

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This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion was originally designed by Dan-Scale in Denmark to convert the Italeri Leopard 1A4 into the Danish Leopard 1A5 DK version …


This extensive 1/35th scale Resin and Etched-Brass update set transforms and corrects the Hobby Boss Leopard 2A5DK kit (82405) into a corrected and better detailed model of the Danish Leopard 2A5DK. The master model was designed by Jon Bottomley with research and historical background by Thomas Antonsen. The set includes a small selection of markings and full conversion instructions …

A very comprehensive 1/35th scale resin conversion of the SKYBOW M41 Walker Bulldog kit into the Danish M41 DK1.

The SKYBOW M41 Walker Bulldog kit is included in this set although the turret parts have been removed.

This set designed by Jon Bottomley features all new turret and engine decks, etched brass detail set, full colour decals, along with all smaller fittings required to produce an authentic replica of this well known European AFV.

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