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A set of 14 resin 1/35th scale closed bins (2 each of 7 types), reseached and designed by Tim Babb, Jon Bottomley & Derek Hansen, frequently added to many modern British AFV’s, such as FV432 CET CVR(T) Warrior and Challenger particularly during the Gulf War of 1990/91 …


A comprehensive 1/35th scale accessory set with scale woven nylon rope (scale 80 feet) and 12-resin shackles and 8-pear links and 4-‘D’ links. Enough for 2x 30-foot recovery ‘kinetic’ ropes AND 2x 8-foot tow ropes …


This 1/35th scale etched brass set comprises a pair of standard issue UK Post WW2 camouflage net panels. In 1/35th scale they measure 53mm x 105mm each (6’ x12’ full size, or approximately 1.6m x 3.6m). They are supplied as unpainted flat brass etchings.Designed by Rob Tearle from actual panels we have here, this set depicts a pair of well worn panels showing much more of the base net and instructions are included on how to introduce more 3D shape …


A complete 1/35th scale resin kit of the MILAN-2 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) launcher including tripod mounting, two man crew, and Ammunition by Rob Tearle.A comprehensive set of colour decals is also included for service and training rounds.This weapon model is also available from us separately. Go to Accessories and select Infantry Accessories and Weapons, product code A090 …

Striker is the most powerful version of the CVR(T) family, and was the first purpose designed missile armed tank destroyer. Striker is armed with a 5-round Swingfire missile launcher which elevates to deploy, a further 5 rounds are stored internally. The Striker entered British Army service in 1976 and was deployed in all theatres of operation until 2005.

This unique 1/35th scale all resin model by Tim Babb includes two part hull with opening doors elevating launcher bin, optical tracker, & missile ‘blow-off’ panels, and all opening hatches and rotating cupola. An extensive etched brass set contains all fine items, exhaust mesh covers, mesh deck screens and fine mesh rear stowage bin, even the mud flaps and reflectors are included. (Note some of the Gulf stowage items shown are not included)

Completed model dimensions (approximate with launcher down):-

Inches/mm: Length 5.5/140, Width 2.5/64, Height 2.5/64

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When will this be back in stock? I need this one to complete my collection of recce vehs

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