This 1/35th scale resin and etched brass kit by David Jane and Rob Tearle depicts the FODEN IMMLC DROPS 8x6.*This huge and impressive versatile logistic support vehicle was developed for front-line off-road use by the British Army and entered service in 1994.

This particular model depicts the standard vehicle with full chassis, suspension and cab internal details. The Multilift system is workable. Transparent cast lights, etched brass detail set and full colour decals are also included along with comprehensive instructions.

This product comes complete with our A162 UBRE Flatrack system (See the Data sheets for A162 and K179 for full details).British Army UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) for DROPS was introduced in 1994 and was generally used for fast combat refuelling of all vehicles but in particular the larger armoured MBT’s and APC’s of the British Army up until around 2010.

The UBRE equipment comprises resin castings, etched brass details, full colour decals and vehicle hazard warning plates. Other materials such as rubber chord and wire are also included along with full colour instructions. The set can be completed as stowed for transport or deployed for fuelling.

We also make opening fuel cover sets for most British armoured vehicles and operator figures, details of which are shown below.Many thanks to Mark Cobham for his assistance with the research for this project and our NATO contacts for the relevant JSP marking details. *(IMMLC)=Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier and (DROPS)=Demountable Rack Offload & Pickup System.

Completed model dimensions without load on flatrack (approximate):-

Inches/mm: Length 10.5/267, Width 3.25/83, Height 4.0/102

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