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This 1/35th scale resin and etched brass kit by David Jane and Rob Tearle depicts the FODEN IMMLC DROPS 8x6 Op’ HERRICK.* This impressive and versatile logistic support vehicle was developed for front-line off-road use by the British Army and entered service in 1994. The principle use for the 400+ vehicles in service is 155mm ammunition supply for AS90 batteries, but is also used in a multitude of logistic tasks.

This particular model depicts the standard vehicle modified for it’s specific role in Afghanistan (Op’ HERRICK)with full chassis, suspension and cab internal details, and the extra crew protection items & gpmg mounting. The Multilift system is workable and a complete ISO Flatrack (A138) is supplied with each kit. Transparent cast lights, etched brass detail sets (including mesh screens) and full colour decals are also included along with comprehensive instructions.

*(IMMLC)=Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier and (DROPS)=Demountable Rack Offload & Pickup System.

Completed model dimensions without load on flatrack (approximate):-

Inches/mm: Length 10.5/267, Width 3.25/83, Height 4.25/108

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Michael Powers says:

Excellent model! It really shows off Accurate Armour's improvements in casting over the past forever years. Even the smallest casting are very good.
It is challenging and will take some time to build and paint. I recommend it for the resin modeller with some serious experience. The wheels (huge) are particularly nice. As for etched brass there are 2 sheets; but there is no waste. What they made in brass is what was needed to be made in brass. By the way; the DROPS system operates, so the display opportunities endless. I recommend this kit very highly. If you get one, give it a good year and you will end up with a very nice build to display
- Mike

Posted On: Friday, August 26th, 2016 @ 8:11 pm

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