Chieftain Mk-5/5-Mk-9 Kombi-kit

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This set includes C025 Chieftain Mk5/5-Mk9 and Tamiya Chieftain Mk5. Some unrequired sprues may have been removed and the kits may have been repackaged by us.

The Chieftain entered service in 1966, and was a remarkable step forward in tank design. The driver was placed in a reclining position to reduce the hull height and the massive 120mm rifled gun used bagged charges instead of heavy brass cased ammunition. Both hull and turret armour was very thick and well sloped. Chieftain replaced both Centurion and Conqueror, and was eventually replaced by Challenger-1 after 28 years of service, during which it evolved through many ‘Marks’ of vehicle.We have chosen to make the last three significant vehicles using the Tamiya “Mk-5” kit as a basis. This is included for this set.

This particular 1/35th scale conversion by Jon Bottomley has the strange title of Mk-5/5 to Mk-9, all of which looked externally the same. The reason for this conversion is that the Tamiya “Mk-5” is not really a Mk-5 at all, and ‘out the box’ never existed. We will use the lower hull and sort out the rest! These marks have Laser Rangefinder (LRF) and Muzzle Reference System (MRS), Clansman radio and No-15 Cupola.

This conversion includes new upper hull, hull rear, turret, gun and all hatches, stowage boxes and fittings. The gun barrel included in this set is also available on it’s own as B35011. Two etched brass detail sets are provided, one with mesh deck screens, mudflaps, handles and even scale bin padlocks! The second contains a complete scale thickness skirt plate system. Brass towing hawsers are also included, as is a Berlin Field Squadron painting guide. When finished the venerable old girl looks very smart indeed! And if you have ever heard a Chieftain running you NEVER forget that noise!

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