Chieftain ARRV Mk7 Kombi-Kit

This set includes C068 Chieftain ARRV and Tamiya Chieftain Mk5. Some unrequired sprues may have been removed and the kits may have been repackaged by us.

The Chieftain Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle (ARRV) was a conversion of the earlier ARV Mk-5 (C067) which added a hydraulic crane, controls and revised stowage. This version of Chieftain served from the introduction of the Challenger-1 MBT, through Gulf War-1, all NATO operations, Gulf War-2, and into the late 2000+ era. In 2008 only a few remain in non service support roles, and service with overseas users.

This very comprehensive 1/35th scale resin conversion set by Tim Babb transforms the Tamiya Chieftain kit (included in this set) into a fully stowed and detailed model. Etched brass detail sets are included for the deck screens and fine details, and a complete brass skirt plate system is also included. Also included are full colour decals, cables, ropes, engine pack cradle, and illustrated colour instructions.

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