Chieftain Marksman Kombi-Kit

This set includes C091 Chieftain Marksman and Tamiya Chieftain Mk5. Some unrequired sprues may have been removed and the kits may have been repackaged by us.

This 1/35th scale conversion & update set by Jon Bottomley depicts the Marksman AA Turret system as fitted for trials to the UK Chieftain MBT chassis. Armed with twin 35mm Oerlikon KDA cannons firing 550 rounds/minute per gun, Marksman is capable of destroying aircraft at 4km in less than 8 seconds of detection, day or night and in all weather conditions.

The conversion includes complete turret with elevating guns and positionable radar, sights, and hatches with smaller details in etched brass. The set also includes a new Chieftain upper hull for the Tamiya Chieftain kit with corrected details, engine deck and stowage. Etched brass deck screens, smaller fittings and a complete brass skirt plate set are also included. We would like to thank Dennis Lunn and the Imperial War Museum (Duxford, who retain the preserved vehicle), for thier help with this project.

The Tamiya Chieftain Mk5 donor kit is included in this set.

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