Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV Tank

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A precision turned 1/35th scale aluminium 2 Pounder (40mm) gun barrel suitable for the British Valentine (2 Pr.), Matilda-II, AEC Mk-I, Daimler Armoured Car, A13 Cruiser & Tetrarch. This is of a much higher quality to most barrels on the market and has no machining marks of any kind …

The British Infantry Tank MkIII or Valentine followed on from the Matilda I and II as part of a ‘two tier’ armoured philosophy that was to see out the end of World War II. The Valentine was somewhat rushed into production as a direct result of the loss of equipment at Dunkirk. This type saw action extensively in the North African theatre and on the eastern front under Lend Lease to Russia. Valentine was withdrawn from front line British service in June 1943.

Tamiya have done a fine job of re-creating this iconic British vehicle in 1/35th scale with sensitive sprues ensuring parts are easy to remove and clean up. The cast armour texture is very good and there are no sink marks or visible ejector pin marks. As always with Tamiya a nice enjoyable build with few (if any) problems.

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