Challenger 1 Gulf War Special

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With this Gulf War Challenger Special we have combined the Tamiya Challenger 1 Mk3 with our correction set C019 and Fuel Drum set C020.

C019-A complete set of Challenger-1 MBT DL-1 Armour to convert the Tamiya 1/35th scale Challenger-1 to the up-armoured Gulf-war-1 version. This set also replaces the incorrect Challenger-1 Mk-3 armour set. A pair of corrected exhausts and turret rear bin lid are also included.

C020- A pair of 1/35th scale Challenger-1 MBT fuel drums and mounting plates, to replace the ones provided with the Tamiya Challenger-1 Mk-3 model.

This product is a Kombi-Kit and a donor plastic kit is included to make the vehicle shown in the images.

Unnecessary sprues from the donor kit may have been removed before sale.

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