Challenger ARRV (CrARRV) Kombi-Kit

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This set includes C024 CrARRV and Tamiya Challenger 1 Mk3. Some unrequired sprues may have been removed and the kits may have been repackaged by us.

The Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CrARRV), is based on the Challenger-1 MBT, and first saw action the Gulf war of 1990-1991. CrARRV carries all equipment necessary to maintain, recover and repair the Challenger MBT, and to dig hull down fire positions.

This 1/35th scale model conversion by Paul Gandy depicts a production vehicle and will convert either of the two Tamiya Challenger MBT kits (CR-1 and CR-2) where only the lower hull, suspension and track are needed. Both the Tamiya kits have the same lower hull, a big Tamiya mistake but it helps us!

This set uses the Challenger-1 kit for early CrARRV with single pin track and CR-1 sprockets and roadwheels.

Use the Challenger-2 kit for later CrARRV double pin track and CR-2 sprockets and solid roadwheels, for latest vehicles just substitute our perforated roadwheel sets (A084 or A085).

This comprehensive conversion includes new hull top, crane, dozer blade, etched brass skirt plate system, and all tools, gpmg, tow-bars, cables, chain etc. A set of full colour decals are also included with this model, these may also be purchased individually as DEC024. This model is also supplied by us to the UK defence community.

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