Charioteer Kombi-Kit

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This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set designed by Derek Hansen converts the AFV Club Centurion kit* to depict one of the very early prototype A41 vehicles. Under the codename ‘Operation Sentry’ six A41 prototypes were sent to Germany in May 1945 for extensive troop trials, and this conversion represents a typical vehicle from that trial.


This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set in resin and etched Brass with decals was designed by Derek Hansen and converts the AFV Club Centurion kit* to depict one of the first production Mk-I (A41*) vehicles. Following on from the 1945 ‘Operation Sentry’ trials Centurion went into series production with the Mk-I, and this conversion represents a standard production vehicle


The T44 Medium tank was one of the most significant Soviet AFV’s. It combines features from the famous WW-2 T34 family of tanks with the new modern layout and construction of the next generation of T44/45 tanks. This transitional design was in service in small numbers before the end of WW-II, and continued post-war until the late 1950’s

The Charioteer was a 1950’s conversion of existing Cromwell Tank hulls to mount the very powerful 20pdr (83.4mm) gun, in a lightly armoured turret. The vehicle was a panic measure to enable the UK to field as many of these guns as possible against new Warsaw Pact AFV’s which intelligence reports had grossly overrated in terms of performance.

Charioteer was also supplied to the Austrian and Jordanian Armies.This very extensive conversion by Derek Hansen includes new hull parts, complete turret, etched brass detail set and stowage. Included in the set is a complete set of wide 15.5” track and replacement sprockets.

This product is a Kombi-Kit and a donor plastic kit is included to make the vehicle shown in the images.

Unnecessary sprues from the donor kit may have been removed before sale.

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