Charioteer Kombi-Kit

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A 1/35th scale conversion for the DML T34/85 to produce the Egyptian modified 122mm SPG conversion on old T34 tanks.


This 1/35th scale conversion by Jon Bottomley converts the DML T34/85 to the Egyptian T34-100 100mm SPG, also using the ICM Soviet 100mm BS-3 gun kit.


A complete 1/35th scale conversion set by Jon Bottomley for the DML SU-100 model kit to produce an Egyptian variant, or a basic Czech/Polish produced post-war vehicle.

The Charioteer Tank Destroyer was a 1950’s British conversion of existing Cromwell Tank hulls to mount the very powerful 20pdr (83.4mm) gun, in a lightly armoured turret. The vehicle was a panic measure to enable the UK to field as many of these guns as possible against new Warsaw Pact AFV’s which intelligence reports had grossly overrated in terms of performance.

Charioteer was also supplied to the Austrian and Jordanian Armies. Vehicles in the Middle-East were modified to include a Sherman loaders hatch ring with 0.50 cal Machine Gun mounting. We have the original UK produced turret re-worked to include the round hatch modification.

This very extensive conversion for the TAMIYA Cromwell by Derek Hansen includes new hull parts, complete turret with Middle-East modifications, etched brass detail set and stowage. Included in the conversion is a complete set of wide 15.5” track and replacement sprockets.

This product is a Kombi-Kit and a donor plastic kit is included to make the vehicle shown in the images.

Unnecessary sprues from the donor kit may have been removed before sale.

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