Cromwell ARV Kombi-Kit

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A complete 1/35th scale resin cast kit of the WW-II standard No-2 Mk-1 tank ammunition sledge as fitted to Sherman, Churchill, Cromwell, and most well known to Centaur, master patterns by Derek Hansen.



A full set of resin wheels and idlers for the Tamiya 1/35th scale Cromwell/Centaur kits, which depict the effect of all the rubber burning off the rims, leaving the ridged securing grooves visible



A set of etched brass details for the 1/35th Scale Tamiya Cromwell & Centaur models. The set contains fine exhaust and engine inlet mesh covers, sights and many smaller items



Replacement 1/35th scale semi-flexible resin track for replacing the ‘rubber band’ or poorly detailed injection moulded track supplied with many model kits. The set will contain moulded lengths, or links depending on the actual vehicle type with some extra links. This set includes replacement resin sprockets

This extensive conversion in resin and etched brass by Derek Hansen converts the Tamiya Cromwell Mk-IV to the WW-II ARV Mk-1 used in N.W.Europe from D-Day onwards. This is the vehicle shown in the famous picture in Normandy towing a captured PzKpfw.IV.

Woven brass towing cable and plastic jib struts are also included along with full-illustrated instructions. This is the original and best researched Cromwell ARV-1 on the market.

This product is a Kombi-Kit and a donor plastic kit is included to make the vehicle shown in the images.

Unnecessary sprues from the donor kit may have been removed before sale.

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