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A set of 24 Modern 1/35th scale round oil cans, seen everywhere and used by everyone, particularly if the Chieftain MBT is involved! This set also contains white decals for the three main oil products used by UK military forces (and many others too)


A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry for the low velocity 76mm gun as originally fitted to the UK Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car & CVR(T) Scorpion


A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry & Tim Babb comprising 18x projectiles (6x HESH, 6xAPDS and 6x APFSDS) and 6x bagged charges and 18x plastic containers in 3x types.


The Challenger Combat Dozer blade fits the Challenger-1 or Challenger-2 MBT. This all resin 1/35th scale model kit designed by Tim Babb comes complete with all fittings, and may be made to articulate. Suitable for any of the 1/35th kits on the market


*A set of 1/35th scale resin Slave lead connectors and twin core cable to make a variety of Modern British AFV power slave lead combinations; (4x 5M), or (2x 5M & 1x 10M), or (2x 10M).In 1:35th scale the 5M leads are 143mm (5.6”) long, and the 10M leads are 286mm (11.2”) long.


This 1/35th scale fuel filler cap set by Rob Tearle converts plastic or resin kits with solid moulded on fuel filler covers to allow the covers to open and to have the correct removable inner caps (or caps and spout) details shown so that the model can be depicted being fuelled or serviced. The set can be used with our UBRE fuelling system or any other similar modern fuelling method