Tamiya Cromwell MkIV

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A large assortment of resin 1/35th scale ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ stowage items, containing ammunition boxes, POW cans, tarpaulins etc. Suitable for most British/Commonwealth vehicles, during and shortly after WW-2. This is without doubt the best value and most comprehensive set on the market today



An extensive 1/35th scale engine bay set with Meteor engine, transmission, fuel tanks and all fittings etc by Jon Bottomley, combined with a comprehensive scale thickness etched brass decking system designed by Rob Tearle to fit the 1/35th scale Tamiya Cromwell plastic kit



This 1/35th scale set is designed for the Tamiya Cromwell and includes a full 95mm howitzer mounting, ammunition and ammunition boxes, MG blanking plate, Porpiose tow points and dial sight armoured cover are also included for D-Day RMSG vehicles



This comprehensive 1/35th scale Tamiya Cromwell detailing set includes an up-armouring set (for turret and hull and suitable for conversion of the kit to late all-welded vehicles). Optional diagonal deck hatches, cable guides, spare wheel, late all-round vision cupola and turret stowage bins are also included. To complete the conversion to an all-welded vehicle a ‘Vauxhall hatch’, accessory A047 is also needed



This extensive and simple to apply 1/35th scale resin conversion set is for the TAMIYA Cromwell (Solid, not perforated, wheels are needed which is why you don’t use a Centaur kit as the donor) and depicts the late WW-II CENTAUR DOZER tank which was also used post-war, and most notably in Korea



A’ and ‘B’ type aerial bases for vehicles with No. 19 wireless sets during WWII and the immediate post war period. This would include many Canadian and other Commonwealth Armies vehicles

This fantastic value kit still represents fantastic value and really quite good detail. Tamiya have always maintained a high quality plastic and robust moulds meaning that years on this kit is still available.

This kit has been a great value donor for our many Cromwell related conversion for many years and straight out of the box is a great starter kit for those just taking up the hobby.

A large item postage supplement of £1GBP applies to this kit.

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