Bulk Jerry Can Load

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This 1/35th scale resin accessory set contains 12 UK produced MoD style “Jerry Cans”. They depict cans produced after 1964, and have an assortment of UK date stamps on them …


British Army UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) was introduced in 1975 and continued in service until around 2010. This modular system comprises bulk fuel tank units, pump and hose reel units and jerry can and oil racks, all of which may be moved or loaded by fork lift equipment. UBRE can be used on the ground or from the cargo bay of GS load carriers or fitted to an ISO flatrack for DROPS use. UBRE is generally used …

Designed to take the sting out of a bulk load of Jerry cans, this impressive stack of approximately 280 cans saves you around £140 over 17 sets of our regular Jerry Cans (A113)! And we have done most of the work for you with almost all the caps and nearly half the the handles already fitted, not to mention the cleaning up!

The quantity and arrangement is ideally suited to Stalwart High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), our kits K159 and K160. Before the introduction of systems like UBRE, Unit Bulk Replenishment Equipment, all forward area fuel handling was done by the Jerry Can system.

Of course this set also doubles up as a forward area fuel dump, a great scene for a diorama….

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