Chieftain MBT Dozer Conversion

The Chieftain MBT could be fitted with a hydraulic dozer pack for digging scrapes and clearing undergrowth and obstacles. This equipment may be fitted to any mark of Chieftain, and also involves replacing the front Right trackguard bin.

This comprehensive 1/35th scale resin conversion by Tim Babb, can be fitted to the Tamiya or Takom Chieftains, or an AA converted Tamiya model (recommended!). The set also includes an extensive set of full colour decals for the blade and the MBT markings. The dozer blade can be set as shown or stowed and locked in the travel position. Please note that the top flap of the blade, although shown raised in the pictures, normally hangs down until earth pushes it up and thus acts as an overload warning to the driver.

This product is a Conversion set and a donor plastic kit is needed to make the vehicle shown in the images.

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