FV432 Ambulance Conversion

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This crisp highly detailed 1/35th scale offering from Takom depicts a Mk-2/1 FV432. In time we will be offering a range of sets relating to to this kit that will be available as Kombi-Kits as well as separate sets …

Designed for the Takom FV432 Mk2/1 N0.2066 this interior set is comprised of fittings for up to 4 stretchers, Medical kit and Defibrillator. In addition are full colour decals, including red crosses, fire extinguisher labels, weight disks, registrations and unit markings.

Originally the FV432 parts were designed and produced by Jon Bottomley and re-worked and produced for the conversion by Rob Tearle.

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Robert Tearle says:

This item has been temporarily removed from sale until freshly printed decals arrive. Please check back soon.

Posted On: Friday, January 19th, 2018 @ 10:37 am

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