FV432-30 MCV Conversion

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A set of 18x resin 1/35th scale ammunition boxes for 7.62mm GPMG belt ammunition, designed by Rob Tearle & Tim Babb. This accessory set also comes with a comprehensive set of decals for all the boxes. (These boxes are also used for many general tools stowage etc


This extensive 1/35th scale resin set designed by Tim Babb comprises 15x transport containers, 2x liners, 10x rounds, 20x spent cases and 2x open transport containers, for the 30mm RARDEN cannon


This crisp highly detailed 1/35th scale offering from Takom depicts a Mk-2/1 FV432. In time we will be offering a range of sets relating to to this kit that will be available as Kombi-Kits as well as separate sets

Designed for the Takom FV432 Mk2/1 N0.2066 this exterior set includes accurate and detailed Fox turret, mating collar, backdated exhaust, backdated hull roof and revised vehicle cupola. The set contains a small brass fret for the turret details and rod for the canon. Also in the set are full colour decals, including fire extinguisher labels, weight disks, registrations and unit markings. Comprehensive instructions and an accurate painting guide for the Berlin Camouflage scheme researched from a serving vehicle are also included.

Masters by Jon Bottomley and Rob Tearle.

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