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1:76th and 1:35th Submarines, Landing craft and accessory sets


This 1/35th scale set comprises a wood/metal gangway, a pair of large wooden buffer pontoons with tie downs and a pair of rope fenders, plus woven rope. The set may be used to moor any naval model against our quayside


The WW-2 Royal Navy ‘HARD’ consisted of pre-cast concrete blocks laid into beaches to form a sloping ramp for the loading and unloading of Tank Landing Craft and for DD Tanks and other amphibious vehicles to drive in and out of the water


The WW-2 Royal Navy ‘HARD’ consisted of pre-cast concrete blocks laid into beaches to form a sloping ramp for the loading and unloading of Tank Landing Craft and for DD Tanks and other amphibious vehicles to drive in and out of the water


This small late war German submarine was designed for coastal use and was armed with 2 torpedoes and could engage targets using a combination of silent drive and advanced passive sonar. The Typ XXIII was produced in very small numbers at the end of WW-2.The interesting Scottish connection is that this type penetrated the Forth Estuary naval area in the last hours of WW-2 (in Europe) and sunk two merchant ships without detection. Post war examples of this type (and


This model is the 1/35th scale Conning Tower (Fin) from our Typ-VIIc U-Boote by Jon Bottomley. It comes complete with all periscopes, gun platform, 2cm AA Gun and all smaller fittings. Also included are our Typ-VIIc full colour decals, flags and full instructions.The Fin is a large hollow resin casting and all other details are resin and etched brass, with wire for the hand-rails. Dimensions are 100mm tall to rim of fin, 60mm wide and 195mm long at the base


A 1/35th scale model of the U-Boote Typ-VIIc 8.8cm Naval pattern Deck gun, which was also used in land mountings defending naval bases and ports. This model by Jon Bottomley comes complete with mounting plate, sights, gun controls and crew shoulder bars


A 1/35th scale model of the Naval pattern 2cm Flak gun used on many U-Boats and other German WW-II surface ships and craft. This weapon was also used on ground mountings around naval bases and port facilities. This model by Jon Bottomley is produced in resin, metal with etched brass ring sight


A set of 1/35th scale waterslide transfers, normally supplied with the Accurate Armour Product which carries the same name. These have been made available by us to customers who are scratchbuilding, converting or working on the same project. Of course the transfers can be used for many similar models


This 1/35th scale waterline model by Jon Bottomley depicts the ‘Broadbent’ type of X-craft from the X-5 to X10 and X20 to X25 production series. The only weapons carried by these 4 man machines were two massive ‘saddle’ charges, each containing 3,750lb of Amatex (Amatol/RDX mix).The most famous operations undertaken by these craft inflicted massive damage on the German Battleship TIRPITZ in Norway, (Operation SOURCE), and the safe guiding in of the Eastern landing force assault wave onto the D-Day


This 1/35th scale complete hull model by Jon Bottomley depicts the Japanese Type-A 2-man Midget Submarine, a unique vessel significant to both the history of Japan and the United States.The electric powered Type-A was armed with 2x 18 inch torpedoes.Five Type-A submarines participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, one of which became the first confirmed kill of the United States Navy in WW2. This sinking by the Destroyer USS Ward took place at 06:45, an


A complete 1/35th scale kit of the 20mm Oerlikon cannon on a typical Naval mounting. This mounting was fitted to a multitude of ships, smaller vessels, landing craft. The same mounting was also used in coastal concrete/brick positions and also mounted on trucks. (See our Bedford kit K147, as an example). This all resin model includes etched brass shield, gunsight and gunners strap


This 1/35th scale resin accessory set contains 2x ‘Carley’ floats & oars, 2x ‘Flot-A-Nets’, 4x Lifebelts and an Anchor. Generally these are British WW-2 items, but are found and re-used World-wide


The LCT(4) was a 185.5 foot long British designed and produced ‘shallow draught’ tank landing craft which in it’s normal form could carry 9 Shermans/Cromwells, or 6 Churchills, or 300 Tons of stores. We make this model as kit S13.Many LCT(4) were converted to provide AA (Flak) support for the D-Day convoys, beaches and ports. This version, designated LCF(4) for ‘Landing Craft Flak’ is armed with 8x 20mm Oerlikon Cannons and 4x 40mm Pom-Pom cannons. Several of these conversions were


This extensive 1/76th scale resin and etched brass model by Dan Taylor & Rob Tearle depicts the standard WW2 Allied LCT(5) Tank Landing Craft.This US designed craft was smaller than it’s LCT(4) companion, and was used on all the D-Day invasion beaches to carry mixed loads of AFV’s, ‘soft-skin’ vehicles and stores. It was also used throughout the world in all campaigns by the US Navy, with many surviving in service for decades.Optional parts are included for both US Navy