Plastic & Kombi-Kits / Skybow 1:35th plastic kits

High quality SKYBOW plastic kits, and also packaged Kombi-Kit deals combined with our own conversions



This 1/35th scale conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard, converts the standard SKYBOW M38A1C to the Israeli modified CJ5M. The set includes the Skybow donor kit, replacement panels, seats, 0.30 Cal M.G. and radiator grille



A very comprehensive 1/35th scale resin conversion of the SKYBOW M41 Walker Bulldog kit into the Danish M41 DK1



An accurate representation of the two pin link track fitted to the M108/M109 series of Self Propelled Howitzers



This model (as with all SKYBOW kits) is ‘state of the art’ injection moulding with full detail inside and outside of all bodywork, complete chassis engine and transmission. This 6x6 1.5 Ton vehicle was produced between 1943 and 1944, and over 55,000 were made.



A super-detailed injection moulded kit, with full chassis, transmission and engine details of the American M38A1C 1/4 Ton Utility truck fitted with the 106mm Anti-Tank Recoilless Rifle. This vehicle was produced in the 1950’s, and saw extensive service in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East and world-wide.



This ‘state of the art’ 1/35th scale injection moulded kit is the definitive model of this well known US produced light tank, and at a very competitive price. It is also the only model to capture the correct size and shape of this classic American Tank.



An injection moulded 1/35th scale 0.50 Cal M2HB machine gun with accessories and mounted on an (optional) M31 vehicle mount pedestal. This good value set can be used to replace many older and poor detailed kit machine guns



A bagged set of the SKYBOW 1/35th scale fine detailed M40 A1 106mm Anti-Tank Rifle with ammunition. A very accurate and comprehensive little model