FV438 Swingfire Conversion

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Spartan MCT is a Tank Hunter vehicle armed with the MILAN missile system fitted in the Milan Compact turret (MCT), and was used for the first time during the Gulf War (Operation Granby) in 1990-1991. The Spartan MCT remained in service for many years but was withdrawn before Operation Telic in Iraq during 2003


Striker is the most powerful version of the CVR(T) family, and was the first purpose designed missile armed tank destroyer. Striker is armed with a 5-round Swingfire missile launcher which elevates to deploy, a further 5 rounds are stored internally. The Striker entered British Army service in 1976 and was deployed in all theatres of operation until 2005.


The FV703 Ferret Mk 2/6 was a Ferret Mk 2/3 modified to mount the BAC Vigilant Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) system. This modification comprises twin missile bins and mountings on the turret and a revised stowage and missile re-load stowage bin on the hull, and a complete revision of vehicle stowage. This model by Jon Bottomley, includes extensive interior detail, etched brass detail set, and full stowage. This model includes a comprehensive colour decal set with authenticated number


This model By Jon Bottomley depicts the FV712 Tank Hunting version of the Ferret family, and was armed with the Swingfire Missile Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW), in a new design of turret with elevating launcher bins for 4 missiles. The Mk-5 is amphibious, and was based on the Ferret Mk-4 (K123)


This superbly detailed 1/35th scale model depicts the British Army FV1620 Truck, 1 ton, 4x4 “Hornet / Malkara” that was in service with the RAC Parachute Squadron between 1965 and 1969. The Malkara missile, named by its Australian developers, combined with this specialised armoured version of the Humber 1 Ton vehicle was intended to fulfill a requirement for an airportable anti tank guided missile (ATGM) system. The missile carried a 56lb HESH warhead capable of destroying all known

Designed for the Takom FV432 Mk2/1 N0.2066 this interior set is comprised of backdated hull top, exhaust and comprehensive Swingfire ATGW turret with sight fittings and options for display of the missile pods. In addition are full colour decals, including fire extinguisher labels, weight disks, registrations and unit markings.

Masters byJon Bottomley and Rob Tearle.

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Neil Boston says:

I believe the TAKOM FV432 kit comes with interior detail, is its interior detail still valid for the 438?

Posted On: Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 @ 1:16 pm

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