Tamiya and Takom now in stock!

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 @ 8:07 pm by Robert Tearle
We are now stocking selected 1/35th scale Tamiya kits and the new Takom FV432 kit; these are on sale in the ‘Plastic & Kombi-Kits’ section.

This also allows to to extend our unique range of ‘Kombi-Kit’ offers where we package our conversion sets together with the ‘donor’ plastic kit. These will appear in the regular ‘Conversions’ section alongside the regular sets and also in the new ‘Plastic & Kombi-Kits’ section.

Tamiya related Kombi-Kits is are as follows:-

C024K CrARRV Challenger-1 Kombi-Kit.

C025K Chieftain Mk-5/5-9 Kombi-Kit.

C026K Chieftain Mk-10 Kombi-Kit.

C027K Chieftain MK-11 Kombi-Ki.

C054K Chieftain AVLB System Kombi-Kit.

C057K Chieftain Bridgelayer Kombi-Kit.

C067K Chieftain ARV Mk-5 Kombi-Kit.

C068K Chieftain ARRV Mk-7 Kombi-Kit.

C091K Chieftain Marksman Kombi-Kit.

For news of future Takom and Tamiya sets, watch this space and see us on Facebook @accuratearmour and Twitter @AccurateArmour.

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