Tamiya Chieftain Mk5 MBT

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A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry for the low velocity 76mm gun as originally fitted to the UK Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car & CVR(T) Scorpion


A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry & Tim Babb comprising 18x projectiles (6x HESH, 6xAPDS and 6x APFSDS) and 6x bagged charges and 18x plastic containers in 3x types.


A 1/35th scale replacement fine detailed resin British Chieftain 120mm L11 MRS gun tube with thermal sleeving for Tamiya/Takom Chieftain MBT Kits.(This gun barrel is also included as part of our TAMIYA Chieftain update sets C025, C026 & C027)


This 1/35th scale etched brass set comprises a pair of standard issue UK Post WW2 camouflage net panels. In 1/35th scale they measure 53mm x 105mm each (6’ x12’ full size, or approximately 1.6m x 3.6m). They are supplied as unpainted flat brass etchings


A full 1/35th scale Modern British Chieftain skirting plate system with hangers, plates and camouflage net tie-downs in etched brass with instructions


Replacement 1/35th scale semi-flexible resin track for replacing the ‘rubber band’ or poorly detailed injection moulded track supplied with many model kits. The set will contain moulded lengths, or links depending on the actual vehicle type with some extra links

This fantastic value kit was first released back in 1975 (the year I was born!) and still represents fantastic value and really quite good detail for its time. Tamiya have always maintained a high quality plastic and robust moulds meaning that 40+ years on this kit is still available.

This kit has been a great value donor for our many Chieftain related conversion for many years and straight out of the box is a great starter kit for those just taking up the hobby.

A large item postage supplement of £1GBP applies to this kit.

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