Plastic & Kombi-Kits

High quality plastic kits, and also packaged Kombi-Kit deals combined with our own conversions

C002K £37.00

This 1/35th scale conversion in resin and etched brass by Mark Hazzard,

C088K £64.00

A very comprehensive 1/35th scale resin conversion of the SKYBOW M41 Walker

SKY3502 £8.00

An accurate representation of the two pin link track fitted to the M108/M109

C095K £60.00

This Conversion combined with the excellent Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV includes

A191K £45.00

This super value Kombi-kit combines the Tamiya Valentine MkII/IV and our update

SKY3504 £24.00

This model (as with all SKYBOW kits) is ‘state of the art’ injection

SKY3505 £20.00

A super-detailed injection moulded kit, with full chassis, transmission and

TAM35257 £36.00

As expected from Tamiya, a finely detailed, well executed kit of an iconic

SKY3508 £20.00

This ‘state of the art’ 1/35th scale injection moulded kit is the

C084K £73.00

A complete 1/35th scale conversion set by Jon Bottomley in resin and etched

SKYFS01 £2.00

An injection moulded 1/35th scale 0.50 Cal M2HB machine gun with accessories


This quality 1/35th scale injection moulded kit is the definitive model of this

SKYFS02 £5.00

A bagged set of the SKYBOW 1/35th scale fine detailed M40 A1 106mm Anti-Tank


This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set by Rob Tearle converts the


This 1:35th scale resin conversion by Jon Bottomley and Rob Tearle depicts the

TAM35221 £29.99

This fantastic value kit still represents fantastic value and really quite good

C053K £72.50

This extensive and simple to apply 1/35th scale resin conversion set is for the

C052K £57.00

This extensive conversion in resin and etched brass by Derek Hansen converts