WC63 US ‘Big Shot’ 6x6 W/C

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This model (as with all SKYBOW kits) is ‘state of the art’ injection moulding with full detail inside and outside of all bodywork, complete chassis engine and transmission. This 6x6 1.5 Ton vehicle was produced between 1943 and 1944, and over 55,000 were made.

Optional parts allow either WC62 (no winch) or WC63 (with winch) to be made, and a full 0.50 Cal M2HB in M50 Pedestal mounting. A simulated canvas ‘tilt’is also included. Decals are also included for 1st and 3rd army versions, and the original ‘Big Shot’ publicity vehicle.

A large item postage supplement of £1GBP applies to this kit.

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