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A set of 24 Modern 1/35th scale round oil cans, seen everywhere and used by everyone, particularly if the Chieftain MBT is involved! This set also contains white decals for the three main oil products used by UK military forces (and many others too)



A set of 14 resin 1/35th scale closed bins (2 each of 7 types), reseached and designed by Tim Babb, Jon Bottomley & Derek Hansen, frequently added to many modern British AFV’s, such as FV432 CET CVR(T) Warrior and Challenger particularly during the Gulf War of 1990/91


The Chieftain Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle (ARRV) was a conversion of the earlier ARV Mk-5 (C067) which added a hydraulic crane, controls and revised stowage. This version of Chieftain served from the introduction of the Challenger-1 MBT, through Gulf War-1, all NATO operations, Gulf War-2, and into the late 2000+ era. In 2008 only a few remain in non service support roles, and service with overseas users



A 1/35th Modern British REME (Or other crew) fitter sitting and working on vehicle or parts. The figure is depicted wearing coveralls. The figure, which is cast in resin, was sculpted by Pete Morton

Samson is the recovery vehicle specially designed for use with the other CVR(T) family members. This 3 man crew vehicle has a rear mouted earth anchor, internal winch and comprehensive recovery equipment.The Samson is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation.

This 1/35th scale all resin model by Tim Babb contains many special features, including rotating fairlead, spade, vice and tow-bars. An extensive etched brass set contains all fine items, exhaust mesh covers, mesh deck screens and fine mesh rear stowage bin, even the mud flaps and reflectors are included. Also included is an etched brass stowage mesh bin set for the hull sides and top deck. This is a really detailed and nice little model. (Note some of the Gulf stowage items shown are not included)

Completed model dimensions (approximate with spade up):-

Inches/mm: Length 5.75/146, Width 3/76, Height 2.5/64

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