1:35th Tetrahedra Anti-Tank Obstacles

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A set of 10 1/35th scale super-detailed anti-invasion obstacles with interlocking sub-frames. Typical use was on the Atlantic Wall.

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Patrick Selitrenny says:

What can I say that I haven't said about the Posts with Barbed Wire and the Logs with Mines? In one word, excellent!
In more words? Useful, accurate, well done and easy to assemble.

Although, and again, once more, I must stress that as depicted here, the Tetrahedra in the Anti-Tank function, were seldom seen welded together as here.

This would have been the case near railway stations or in general, inland.

On the shores of Normandy you had them placed at intervals, the one from the other, and usually fixed in concrete blocks planted into the sand.
In just two instances were they lined up (but in single file), and those were entrances to village roads.

The procedure to build them is not too difficult at all. More time is spent to paint and weather them appropriately.
As I explained for some other iron obstacles, these too will have to be prepared, but being these resin pieces and not PE sets, one has to apply some black primer, and then add an iron metalizer on top (in this specific case, not your usual light iron, but rather a blackish one). Only then do I proceed with the weathering.
In this case I usually use weathering agents such as those provided by AK Interactive, MIG or Vallejo. Possibly rust colors, but don't overdo it. Such obstacles, despite directly exposed to the elements, were not on Normandy shores for years, but were hastily organized in the immediate months preceding the landings on D-Day, therefore watch out from turning them into Orange blossoming trees. They were not.

Their true aspect on the day of landing was an overall blackish metallic one with just traces of rusty spots all over. Therefore, what you really need to do is to maintain their original metallic color (dark), and just lightly drybrush the rusty spots with a bristle brush. Touching it up here and there with sometimes darker, sometimes lighter tones of rust color.

Once more unto the breach… Would I recommend it?
You all know by now that I am nuts for Accurate Armour obstacles, and therefore my only answer can be: yes, absolutely!

They look and feel just like the true thing. You cannot go wrong on these…

Posted On: Sunday, May 7th, 2017 @ 6:26 pm

Patrick Masson says:

Ce sont des tétraèdres des forts Belges de 1940. (Voir Eben-Emael, Aubin-Neufchateau, Battice, tancrémont)

Posted On: Monday, July 16th, 2018 @ 6:51 pm

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