1:76th 5cm Festungspak Sea Wall Pit

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A five part boxed resin 1/76th scale sea wall gun pit designed by Dan Taylor for the 5cm Festungspak Anti-tank gun (Available as kits FF76023 & FF76024. This pit is typical of a N.W.Europe Atlantic wall type similar to those in Normandy. The design includes part of the upper roadway, and can be used in conjunction with our sea-wall sets FF76008-FF76010. The bunker is approximately 10cm(4”) square by 7.5cm(3”) high. Crew and ammunition are also available as FF76025 & FF76026)

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Robert Glennie says:

I am after this kit to add to my collection of fortifications and it would be great to see it return to your range. Many thanks

Posted On: Thursday, March 28th, 2019 @ 8:04 pm

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