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Precision Brass Rod 1.3mm-3.0mm

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A 1m (39”) length of very fine solder, (approximately 0.4mm (0.016”) in diameter. The ideal material to form into cables/ thin hoses for general modelling use



A 1m (39”) length of flexible PVC (Rubber style) chord, which is ideal for simulating hydraulic pipes, particularly if the parts are to move



300mm of flexible nitrile rubber chord suitable for use in any scale as a large flexible hose. In 1/35th scale this would be suitable for 4” hose for water, fuel, and suction.Other sizes are available, and can also be bought as sets with resin couplings and valves (see D39 to D41)



This etched stainless steel fret contains enough Razor Wire for most applications in 1:35th scale (all the items shown above were made from just one set).As it is etched in stainless steel no painting is required, just use from the packet! But beware the stuff is sharp! Join end to end by overlapping lengths ‘back-to-back’ by approx 2-barbs and gluing or soldering.This super value set contains 4.8 Metres (5.2 Yards) total length, which equals 168 Metres (182 yards) scale length

The Albion Alloys range of precision products are well known for quality. This range of brass rod from 1.5mm to 3.0mm are superbly produced with a great sheen, perfectly smooth and uniform along the 305mm lengths.

Select from the options for different sizes. All packs contain rods of 305mm length but the quantity reduces as the diameter of rod rises. Packs are described byDiameter/Quantity in pack.

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