17pdr Ammunition

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This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set designed by Derek Hansen converts the AFV Club Centurion kit* to depict one of the very early prototype A41 vehicles. Under the codename ‘Operation Sentry’ six A41 prototypes were sent to Germany in May 1945 for extensive troop trials, and this conversion represents a typical vehicle from that trial.



The Ordnance Q.F. 17 Pr. was produced from 1942 onwards, and was the best Allied anti-tank gun of WW-II, which was capable of destroying all German tanks at useful ranges. It was also by far the highest performing 76.2mm anti-tank weapon of WW-2.The flash produced when firing APDS ammunition earned the gun, and the later vehicles mounting it, the nickname ‘Firefly’. One standard WW-II towing vehicle was the Crusader Gun Tractor, and this excellent combination was deployed in Normandy after D-Day. Another very late war/Post war vehicle was the Albion FT15N low profile gun tractor. Post war the 17 Pr. was generally towed by turretless Stuart M3A3 tanks.


This comprehensive 1/35th scale model by David Jane and Derek Hansen depicts the late WW-II/Post War 6x6 tractor originally designed to tow the 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun. Produced from January 1945 onwards, just under 350 of these classic vehicles were produced, and at least 180 were re-designated as a field artillery tractors in 1949 for use with the 25pdr field gun.

A comprehensive resin set of 20 accurate 1/35th scale 17pdr rounds, in five different types, and twelve spent cases, with painting instructions, suitable for Sherman Firefly, 17pdr anti-tank gun, Achilles, Archer, A30 Challenger, and Centurion. Research and master patterns by Phil Hendry.

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