Challenger-2 Update Set

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This comprehensive 1/35th scale resin and etched brass model by Dick Francis and Rob Tearle depicts the Challenger-2 MBT Perkins-Condor CV12 & David Brown TN54 Power-pack & Transmission.This is a ‘stand-alone’ model of a pack removed from the MBT and can be depicted on the ground, hanging from a crane, or in a pack transport cradle or frame. We would like to thank BAE Systems, Tim Babb and Don Bartlett for their help with this project


The Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CrARRV), is based on the Challenger-1 MBT, and first saw action the Gulf war of 1990-1991. CrARRV carries all equipment necessary to maintain, recover and repair the Challenger MBT, and to dig hull down fire positions


A set of 1/35th scale waterslide transfers, normally supplied with the Accurate Armour Product which carries the same name. These have been made available by us to customers who are scratchbuilding, converting or working on the same vehicle. Of course the transfers can be used for many similar vehicles and situatio

A comprehensive 1/35th scale update set designed by Rob Tearle for the Trumpeter Challenger-2 kits (00308, 00323 & 00345). The set includes many replacement detail items, brass skirting and mudflap set, new gun, commanders sight, smoke dischargers, gpmg cupola and mounting and many other correction and replacement parts.

This set is for a typical ‘as produced’ Challenger-2. Other sets for ‘UN/KOSOVO’ (A053K), and ‘Operation Telic’(A053G) are also available We also have a replacement turret set (A053T), replacement wheels and idlers (A073) and replacement track and sprockets (T68).

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