45-Ton Tracked Recovery Trailer

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This 1/35th scale Tank Transporter Tie Down set depicts a typical set of Turnbuckles (Strainers), shackles, chain hooks and clamps and chain, and is used to secure Tanks, other vehicles and heavy machinery loads to the bed of a tank transporter (or civilian) trailer.This set (Set #1) was designed by Rob Tearle and is typical of the type in Allied use during (and shortly after) WW2. The set contains metal chain, resin castings and brass rod for 4 Strainersas shown


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The WW-2 Royal Navy ‘HARD’ consisted of pre-cast concrete blocks laid into beaches to form a sloping ramp for the loading and unloading of Tank Landing Craft and for DD Tanks and other amphibious vehicles to drive in and out of the water

This comprehensive 1/35th scale full kit by Jon Bottomley & Rob Tearle depicts the huge British WW-2 45-Ton Tracked Recovery Trailer which was designed to be used with the Churchill ARV Mk-I or large tracked caterpillar tractors or heavy recovery tractors. Designed by Cranes (Dereham)Ltd. for tank recovery and for transporting very heavy equipment on the beaches for the forthcoming Normandy landings this trailer weighs in at 30 Tons unladen.

They were famously used in Normandy to move Locomotives from beached LCT(4) Landing Craft to the nearest rail line. The production of 100 units was undertaken by Boulton & Paul, and they were known as “Orolos” due to the use of the unusual track units of that name rather than wheels. An engine and winch housing with operators compartment is situated on the front deck, with massive loading ramps to the rear.

Our kit comes complete with Scammell winch, detailed drivers compartment, easy to assemble track units, opening stowage lockers, deck fittings and recovery chains, tie downs and winch cable. Etched brass details and a selection of decal markings are also supplied.

The completed model is 13”(330mm) long (ramps UP), 3.5”(89mm) wide and 3.5”(89mm) high.

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