CVR(T) ‘Kinetic’ Tow /Recovery Ropes

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Spartan was originally intended as the APC for specialist assault troops, and is now used to transport a variety of special teams, such as weapons teams with LTM, Milan, Radar etc and REME, Signals and Engineer specialists. The Spartan is still in service in all British Army Theatres of operation, including Operation Telic in Iraq 2003


Spartan MCT is a Tank Hunter vehicle armed with the MILAN missile system fitted in the Milan Compact turret (MCT), and was used for the first time during the Gulf War (Operation Granby) in 1990-1991. The Spartan MCT remained in service for many years but was withdrawn before Operation Telic in Iraq during 2003


Striker is the most powerful version of the CVR(T) family, and was the first purpose designed missile armed tank destroyer. Striker is armed with a 5-round Swingfire missile launcher which elevates to deploy, a further 5 rounds are stored internally. The Striker entered British Army service in 1976 and was deployed in all theatres of operation until 2005.


The FV721 FOX is a compact 6-Tonne 3-man Recce vehicle armed with extremely powerful 30mm Rarden cannon which fires high velocity shells in short bursts. A co-axial 7.62mm Gpmg is also fitted and the FOX also has full NBC protection and low light optical vision devices

A comprehensive 1/35th scale accessory set with scale woven nylon rope (scale 80 feet) and 12-resin shackles and 8-pear links and 4-‘D’ links. Enough for 2x 30-foot recovery ‘kinetic’ ropes AND 2x 8-foot tow ropes.

This great value set can be used to make Modern British ‘Kinetic’ CVR(T) Recovery/Tow ropes, used in the recovery of all smaller Modern British Army vehicles. This set was designed by Phil Hendry and Tim Babb. Picture shows A024 and A118.

(This set used to contain slave leads also shown in the picture above, we have doubled the quantity of tow rope items provided in this revised set) The new slave lead set is available as A118)

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