AA products / 1:35th Accessories

Everything to perfect your models from updates to stowage, ammunition, supplies and traffic cones!


A set of 4 resin Israeli (IDF) FN MAG Machine Guns with swivel mountings, mounting plates and ammunition boxes. Research and masters by Jon Bottomley, these are suitable for fitting to a very wide range of Israeli vehicles.


A set of 10 resin 1/35th scale Modern British 5.56mm SA80 (Actually L85A1) weapons in thier original form, researched and masters by Pete Morton


A set of 10 resin 1/35th scale Modern British 5.56mm LSW (Actually L86A1 LSW) infantry weapons, research and masters by Pete Morton


A set of 5 resin 1/35th scale 0.50 Cal M2 HMG weapons, for general modelling/diorama use, designed by Derek Hansen


A comprehensive 1/35th resin scale set containing 6x Bergans (2x each with 3x levels of packing), 6x rolled bedrolls and 6x Infantry helmets (3 with goggles). A very useful stowage set for all Modern British Vehicles and dioramas, designed by Phil Hendry


A comprehensive 1/35th scale accessory set with scale woven nylon rope (scale 80 feet) and 12-resin shackles and 8-pear links and 4-‘D’ links. Enough for 2x 30-foot recovery ‘kinetic’ ropes AND 2x 8-foot tow ropes


A set of 6 resin 1/35th scale standard wooden 2-part pallets, as found all over the world. Designed by Derek Hansen this set depicts the 2-part square design made to standard UK & USA dimensions


This extensive 1/35th scale resin set designed by Tim Babb comprises 15x transport containers, 2x liners, 10x rounds, 20x spent cases and 2x open transport containers, for the 30mm RARDEN cannon


A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry for the low velocity 76mm gun as originally fitted to the UK Saladin 6x6 Armoured Car & CVR(T) Scorpion


A 1/35th scale resin ammunition set designed by Phil Hendry & Tim Babb comprising 18x projectiles (6x HESH, 6xAPDS and 6x APFSDS) and 6x bagged charges and 18x plastic containers in 3x types.


A comprehensive resin 1/35th scale set of 24x steel ammunition boxes designed by Derek Hansen & Tim Babb (8 each of 3x types) for Modern UK Chieftain MBT 120mm Tank ammunition


A set of 18 resin assorted wooden crates/boxes for any period designed by Tom Wark (2 each of 9 types)


A set of 18 resin assorted ‘soft’ stowage items from the WW-II era comprising bedrolls, satchels and tarpaulins. A very useful stowage set for all vehicles designed by Jon Bottomley, Derek Hansen & Phil Hendry


The Challenger Combat Dozer blade fits the Challenger-1 or Challenger-2 MBT. This all resin 1/35th scale model kit designed by Tim Babb comes complete with all fittings, and may be made to articulate. Suitable for any of the 1/35th kits on the market


A complete set of 14 1/35th scale resin replacement roadwheels for the Soviet MTLB. This set was designed by Jon Bottomley and will also fit the 2S1 ‘Carnation’ SPG.


A super value set of 20 1/35th scale etched brass standard US Army WW-II pattern Jerry can holders and straps for mounting on US manufactured vehicles. These are possibly the most accurate examples of 1/35th scale model US Army Can holders on the market, designed by Derek Hansen and reserched with the expert help of Mr Richard Windrow


A comprehensive 1/35th scale resin cast kit update and correction set by Phil Hendry for the DML M4A4 Sherman with hull parts, idlers and mountings, armour, tools, bins and stowage along with periscopes, hatches and woven brass tow cable, to make a British Sherman-V or Vc Firefly