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Everything to perfect your models from updates to stowage, ammunition, supplies and traffic cones!


Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Bowman range of radios in Modern British service. Three types are included, 4x short, 4x tall base block and 4x mounting incorporating the GPS


Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Clansman range of radios in service from the late 1970’s to the mid 2000’s in Brit


Set of 12 Aerial Bases for vehicles using the Larkspur range of radios in post war Brit


A’ and ‘B’ type aerial bases for vehicles with No. 19 wireless sets during WWII and the immediate post war period. This would include many Canadian and other Commonwealth Armi


No recovery truck is complete without the huge array of equipment required to tackle demanding recovery situations in the field. This set includes Gun Planks, Jack, Ropes, Chain, Blocks, Pulley Blocks 5 and 10 ton, shackles of various types and sizes, and Ground Anchors and a bundle of stakes. Even the humble square funnel has be


Resin and Photo etched brass update set for the Takom IDF AMX 13/75 kit (352036). This set includes early wheels, detailed brass MG mount with the option of highly detailed Browning or FN MAG, searchlight, and IDF fitted stowage and headlamp guards. Also included are the engine deck louvre covers and raised superstructure plate fitted by Israeli base workshops prior to the 6 Day War making this set correct for 1967 I


Set of Israeli AMX 13/75 early riveted wheels. This would also suit other AMX 13 applications using the Takom AMX 13 k


Set of 2 Vehicle MG mounts for either .30 Cal Browning or FN MAG (one of each included) suitable for just about any Israeli vehicle. This fully detailed mount and feed box holder fits either weapon using different pi


Israeli AFV searchlight from the 1960’s era. This fitment is common on IDF armour- AMX13, M50, M51, Shot, Shot Cal, M48 and Half Tracks. This set is designed to allow the buyer to replace the reflector with one from a Maglite torch if desired (no


Set of 12 Israeli Soft-skin Jerry Can Holders in photo etched brass and resin. This type of holder is common on most types of IDF soft-skin vehicles. Full strap and buckle detail is included as are 12 IDF style


Set of 12 Israeli AFV Jerry Can Holders in photo etched brass and resin. This type of holder is common on most types of IDF armoured vehicles. Full strap, buckle and bolt detail


Israeli .30 Cal MG Ammo Box Holders in three sizes, 2, 3 and 4 box. Two of each type are included with a total of 18 ammo boxes. Complete with straps this spring loaded type boxes are commonly seen on IDF vehicles, ins


Designed to take the sting out of a bulk load of Jerry cans, this impressive stack of approximately 280 cans saves you around £140 over 17 sets of our regular Jerry Cans (A113)! And we have done most of the work for you with almost all the caps and nearly half the the handles already fitted, not to mention the


This 1/35th scale set represents the Spineboards used by many western armies especially in theatres like Iraq and Afghanistan where the bulk of casualties are as a result of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) that often lead to spinal injury. Initially when deployed the spineboards were yellow until a NATO green version was procured. The set contains 4 spineboards and 3 etched brass strap


This 1/35th scale resin accessory set allows the detailing of the drivers position inside AFV Club Centurion kits. The all resin set designed by Rob Tearle includes side and rear bulkheads, drivers seat, controls and fittings and is suitable for all early marks of Centurion up to Mk-5. A detailed replacement roof panel is al


This 1/35th scale set represents the ‘Cots’ used by many western armies but very much the standard for the U.S. Army since World War 2. Originally made from wood and steel the frame design is unchanged to this day and is also made under licence in the UK (generally referred to as ‘Camp Beds’). From the Vietnam era, Aluminium was used and a lighter nylon carry bag employed. The set contains three bagged cots, three folded un-bagged cots


A set of 6 1/35th scale resin cast concrete road barrier blocks. This set is suitable for use in the UK and Northern Ireland or anywhere as an improvised vehicle barriers for light non milita