FV432 81mm Mortar Carrier Conversion

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Standard British produced Centurion ARV Mk-2 vehicles were modified by the Australian Army (RAEME) for use in South Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. The basic ARV’s had trackguards re-worked, fittings removed and protection added to allow the vehicles to operate in dense jungle. Extensive crew protection armour was added to the hull rear, and ACAV armour shields and additional weapons fitted for the commander and operator, hence the Australian Army South Vietnam (AASVN) designation


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Designed for the Takom FV432 Mk2/1 N0.2066 this set includes a replacement exhaust system without the extension pipe and finer detail, hull roof in line with the service period of the type and the PEAK GPMG Turret with full interior. Also included is colour decals with 4 registrations applicable to the type and Armoured Corps markings, first aid box,optional weight class disks and fire extinguisher decals

Designed for the Takom FV432 (2066) this conversion contains the detailed baseplate, mountings and full elevating and traverse gear for the 81mm Mortar and a full set of individual, CAD developed, twin round mortar tubes that can be stowed in two modular racks. Stowed tubes are also mounted on the inside of the rear door and the single style operators seats are provided.

This conversion comes with full colour Decals.

Also included is one piece detailed exhaust and pair of boiling vessels for the right side sponson.

Originally designed by Jon Bottomley and adapted for the conversion by Rob Tearle

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I would like to have one Derek.

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Gary Owsley says:

Just came on here to order one to find this out. Yes I'd want one.

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Ex Mortars, Love to see it back on the list

Posted On: Monday, April 15th, 2019 @ 9:41 pm

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